Friday, January 22, 2010

When strangers call me Champ, Chief, Bud, Captain, Big Guy, Guy, Pal, Sport,

Tiger, Skippy, Scooter, Ace, Hoss, Boss, Kiddo, Junior, Partner, Sparky or Slick.

I guess if Clint Eastwood called me Big Guy, it would be fine. But even then, I'd probably walk away saying to myself, "Wow, Clint Eastwood is kind of a dick."

These are all perfectly acceptable:
Senator, Corporal, Cowboy, Comrade, Sergeant Coolpants, Amigo, Ghost Rider, Puppydog, Slippery Pete, Tendorfoot, Monsignor, Charlemagne, Black Man, Brodisahtvah, Mr. Brojangles, Brohammed, Captain Thunderpants and General Chim Chim.


  1. What about Slim? Can I call ya Slim?

    1. I just spoke to my lawyer. We can greenlight "Slim" no problem.

    2. I just spoke to my lawyer, and it hasn't exceeded statute of limitations;Further, allowing me to say, this is hella funny.

  2. After the terrible movie with Nicholas Cage, I would rethink Ghost Rider... Ghost Writer would be awesome. Gotta love old PBS shows. Plus those pen necklaces were pretty cool...

    1. I have not seen that, but I think it would make me want to do a swan dive into a tank of turpentine.

  3. Replies
    1. Are you a vampire. You have a vampire name. Respect.

  4. The ironic thing is when the obvious "cocky" dude says to me "hey there chief" and I return with "what's up captain (or boss)", they look at me like "I" have an attitude problem. I've even had a guy respond with "what's your problem, man". I just said "I don't have a problem, and I'm not your chief". LOL.

    Try returning the salutation and see what happens. It's all about their puffed up ego and pride with an attempt at intimidation.

  5. I was just thinking about a huge pet peeve I have concerning the most dreaded salutations I DO NOT appreciate being addressed by...

    The Top 15:
    1: Chief
    2: Boss
    3: Sport
    4: Champ
    5: Captain
    6: Big Guy
    7: Tough Guy
    8: Junior
    9: Slick
    10: Hoss
    11: Ranger
    12: Slugger
    13: Scout
    14: Cowboy
    15: Buck-a-roo

    In very rare situations would any of these be acceptable, it depends on who they are coming from.

    1. I very much agree with this list, Danny Boy. The source certainly matters. Buck-a-roo would feel awful nice coming from Sam Elliot. Chief has to be in the pole position. I think your top 10 is rock solid. Those aren't cool coming from anyone.

  6. I don't want anybody calling me "son" or "kid" or "sport" or nothing like that, cool?
    Cool, whatever you say, slick.

  7. You have all forgotten...Sparky

  8. I don't understand why so many people have referred to me as "Handsome" in a similar vein. I'm certainly NOT handsome, and they don't appear to be intelligent enough to be applying sarcasm. I think they're using it like "Chief." Henceforth, I'll reply, "Yes? General Tso?"

  9. Love this list but need to add “pal” and “fella.”

  10. The Great Gatsby called everyone Old Sport. But I agree, coming from anyone else I don't really appreciate it.

  11. Fella. Omg. Love that one. Off the list I am stealing slugger. My new fav