Friday, January 8, 2010

Civilian cars that look like cop cars

There's nothing that makes you feel more like a eunuch than having your heart skip a beat from one of your fellow non-cop commuters. Then you're forced to pump yourself up with a little internal dialogue session: I wouldn't have sweated it even if it was five-o. Fuck the po-lice runnin' straight from the underground. Young African-American fellow got it bad 'cause I'm brown. Or what have you. Out of all the cars in the world, some nerdburglars still choose to pick themselves up a white Ford Crown Victoria. Truly astounding. I think many of them actually want to be cops. And what's the only thing worse than a cop? A dude who isn't smart enough to become one.

1 comment:

  1. Even worse than cars that merely LOOK like cop cars....douchebags that buy old cop cars and don't even bother taking that annoying spot light off of the driver's side door.