Friday, January 15, 2010

Being Fooled By Jesus Rock

Hmm, let's see what else is on the radio. I got a wild hair, maybe I'll hit the scan button. Jazz, no. Mexican station, naa that's only funny for a second, hmm, what's this? This kinda rocks. Solid lead guitar. The drums wail. Not bad, not bad at all. Never heard of this station. Hell yeah. Raise your rock hands to the sky! Right on! And let the eternal light shine upon them! Fuck yeah eternal light! Wait wha? That's not very rock and…God as your witness? Oh shit. Ah shit. Scan button scan button. Aaaaa!! I spilled my coffee! Watch out for the pole. I'm gonna hit that pole. Great, I hit the pole. Now I'm dead. And the last thing I said was "Jesus Christ, this is fucking Jesus rock." Just great.


  1. This post is so good, it hurts..

  2. I randomly followed your link from superuseless, and I'm so glad I did (I think I fell in love somewhere in the middle of your Andy Rooney fruit rant)! I live in Georgia and have to drive down to Mobile every other weekend, so all you get is whiny country and Jesus rock for several hours. At least Travis Tritt doesn't try to trick me into singing along! Thanks for the entertainment--you officially have a new blog stalker!