Thursday, October 2, 2014


If you can’t simply enter your desired time then hit start, your microwave is so good it sucks, end of story. Otherwise you need a degree in mechanical astrophysical bioengineering to make it work. You have to hit time cook, then enter the time, then, well, sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it makes you hit a power level. And that power level button works 4% of the time. When you finally get the power button to beep, how the hell do you then enter the time? So you hit cancel and you’re back to square one. By now your appetite is gone and all you taste is pure, rage-filled frustration. You don’t even want that quesadilla anymore. What you do want is to throw that microwave out the window, but you can’t even do that, because you snuck into a complete stranger’s house to make a righteous quesadilla and throwing out their microwave would be insanely disrespectful. And you know what else chafes my undercarriage? When people throw down an emphatic “end of story” then continue to tell their story.


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