Wednesday, October 8, 2014


There is in fact an off-season, in every sport. In Major League Baseball, it goes from November to February depending on how far you go in the playoffs. In football, it starts right after Labor Day and ends sometime in December or January. Basketball and hockey – May through September. It’s a time to stop cheating on your wives and spend a couple hours a day watching your maids play with your kids. A time to catch up on your reading of comic books and positive articles about yourself. It’s your chance to get talked into purchasing the car dealership that will eventually bankrupt you. It’s months and months of nonstop pinball next to that stripper pole you had installed in your house. It’s heading down to the Keys with your teammates for some deep sea fishing by day and wife cheating by night. So, when you see someone with a “There is No Off-season” shirt, remind them to kick back and take it easy. You can't crush it 24/7/365. Then ask them why they tore the sleeves off. Those were probably perfectly good sleeves.

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