Thursday, October 9, 2014


(Tuning guitar) Thank you, thanks a lot. It’s great to be back at Jimmy’s. (Strumming) Ya know, we all go through times in life when, well, things seem to be changing, all around us (more strumming). A while ago I was experiencing a particularly tough series of transitions and this one sorta just, I dunno, it poured right out of me. It’s called “Sycamore Tree” (strumming harder). (Pause in strumming) It’s funny, isn’t it? The crazy‐go‐round we call love. (To the sound guy) I’m gettin’ a little too much in the...can you? Thanks. Anyway, what was I sayin’? Oh yeah, love, it can really put your head and heart in the spin cycle (strumming). The twists and turns, peaks and valleys. Like a, like a tornado ripping through a Peru. Metaphysically speaking of course (pensive chuckle). But maybe that’s just the crazy ravings of a madman (intense strumming). Or maybe the crazy ones are the only sane ones after all (mild strumming). When I was a kid, my pop would take me for long drives. Often down one of those two‐lane highways in West Texas. You know what I’m talking about (wink, knowing chuckle). One day always stood out to me. Not a cloud in the sky, radio turned up, Seger I think it was (wink). We had this green ’93 Buick Lesabre, with these really round wheels and a bumper and headlights on the front. And I’ll never forget, we drove past this old oak tree...(Intense strumming). Sometimes I think love is like that old tree. Thanks a bunch guys. That’s my time!

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