Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"It's all good"

Because it's not. Incest, tsunamis, Pearl Jam’s new stuff, warts, prune juice. That’s a quick hit of five not all good things right there. I’d buy it more if the expression were "It’s All Bad," but that’s not half-full thinking which isn’t my style. It’s an especially bitter pill to swallow when anyone over 40 uses it. “Do you have a Malbec? No? It’s all good, I’ll just have the Cab…” I will fight you, bro. The exception here would be if your weed dealer says it after you tell her you only have $43. Then it’s kinda nice. Yeah, my weed dealer is a lady. Don’t assume anything in this life. I’m all for trying to stay relevant, but this expression is not the answer. Toss on a seersucker suit and walk around saying stuff like, “now that’s the gravy boat.” Keep the kids guessing. They’re dumb. They’ll eat it up.


  1. i like how the weed dealer is a lady.

  2. My mom used to buy weed for me. But this is Southern California, where societal norms are flushed down the toilet just like dad's pills from Tijuana.