Monday, December 14, 2009


I'm not the richest dude in the cul-de-sac, but pennies can suck one. They're worthless. They're worth one cent each, you say? You and your highfalutin microeconomics can stuff it. What's wrong with round numbers? That taco is a dollar? Blam! I'm eating a taco. I also don't appreciate this strange phenomenon that occurs when you collect them in a jar. Why do they get greasy and become magnets for hair and metal washers? Then there's that one Canadian interloper that tries to infiltrate America's most annoying jar party. I just wanted a quarter, man, but now my hands reek of copper and lockjaw has set in from the rusty screw that found its way in the mix. And that's all we got for Honest Abe? The penny? His amazing chinstrap beard deserved better than that.


  1. our local radio station dj, Jeff O'Neil says the same thing -pennies are useless. He throws them in the garbage. So... last year a few of us proved him wrong :)

    we saved pennies for 6 weeks and pooled them, rolled them and donated them to the radio station's annual Food Bank Christmas fundraising drive. We had over $200 in 6 weeks, pennies only, with only a few people pitching in.

    Fired us up so much, we created a myspace page, a FB group and are doing it again this year on a grander scale.

    join us!

  2. I'm glad this blog isn't extensive. I have a really important project due that would most assuradly not get done were there more posts, resulting in my dismissal.

    As for pennies, maybe you should rethink:

    (well now I look foolish. how do i paste a link?)