Friday, December 18, 2009


Hey Mac, Hey PC. I'm gonna need you two to go ahead and hit the shut down button on them fancy computer machines and go attempt to get laid somewhere. Or better yet, go read a book. Hawthorne is a nice place to start. This is like the new East Coast / West Coast Beef, except for annoying white dudes. I'm a mac, I'm a PC, but I'm a mac, but I'm a PC. No, you're human beings with original thoughts and emotions with a world of possibilities at your disposal. Plus, they're both awesome for watching porn. Get over it. While we're on this subject, for me the argument seems to be swinging over to the PC guy's side. Mac Guy reminds of that annoying little indie shitbird in high school who tells all the chicks about his family trips to Costa Rica and how he's gonna become an environmental lawyer then knocks a nerd's books out from his arms when they're not looking. Why don't you just cut to the chase and give PC a wedgie while you're at it, asshole? With your stupid haircut.

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